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Bina Jain a widow woman helped by JanSharnam

The axis on which the Indian family – system survives is always the Woman, be she a mother or a wife. But sometimes a crisis comes when this axis gets up-set. Untimely death of the husband, abandonment by the in-laws, non acceptance by the parents, old age, disregard and non-care by the children when fallen sick These are real life circumstances which make the women an ABALA, helpless in true sense. We intend to help – empower such helpless women with your cooperation and your good will.

Bina Jain 45-year-old widow woman. Their living for Tiffin services moving. These functions of income of saving your daughter of marriage wanted. He its economic tightness even little savings of he some stuff and jewellery bought. And daughter of wedding day were coming. But meanwhile, home stolen due to, and more problems similar had to do. Meanwhile, jan sharnam by the financial aid has been.